Friday, June 28, 2013

FacProfDev Summer 2013 - Day 9

FacProfDev Summer 2013 - Day 9

by Varun Khanna

Class assignments have always been a part of academic learning.

Most professors go through excruciating pain to put together a syllabus that has copious amounts of information about tests, quizzes, personal pedagogy, mid term exams, final exams, email address, office address, day and time for their office hours, online office hours...everything except, maybe, their home address.

While most students are conscientious about their school work - it comes with some baggage.

Tom: "Do I write 400 or 500 words?"
Professor: "I mentioned in class. 500 words."
Alice: "Is the due date the 14th. I could have sworn you mentioned it was the 14th but, Janice says it is the 15th"
Professor: "17th!"
Mark: "I know it's 3 am Professor and I had just finished writing my paper when my dog ate it."
Professor: "Shoot the dog! :)"

We have all heard our share of "the dog ate it" stories.

We have a robust, confidential and environmentally sound solution for you!

Sakai (Pepperdine University's choice of online learning management system) has the Assignment tool.

Graphic representation of Sakai's unique Assignment tool assignment submission
Graphic representation of Sakai's online submission process
Sakai offers a two way transparent online process to communicate with your students for all your class assignments. The diagram above is a representation of your submission process. Example: students can submit between June 2 and June 5. However, your choice may be to accept the assignment till 5pm, June 6  with a 10 point deduction.

Sakai's Assignment Tool Submission Process
Pepperdine faculty attending FacProfDev Summer 2013 - Day 9 found tremendous value in Sakai's online assignment submission process.
  • Students can get a due date announcement email.
  • Professors can clearly announce and publish their expectations for the assignment including any late submission point deductions.
  • Professors may allow the student to resubmit 0-9 times or unlimited.
  • Professors will receive and see only the very last submission. Not multiple versions of the student assignment submission.
  • There is a digital footprint including time and date stamp when the student uploaded their assignment. Both, student and professor receive email notifications with a unique code number.
  • With the Single Uploaded File only submission, Pepperdine professors can check mark the TurnItin option. Should professors choose unlimited submissions, students can view their TurnItin report and make corrections up until their final submission.
  • Students will not be able to upload their assignment past the final deadline.
  • Professors can download all submissions with one click. Grade the assignments. And, with one click upload all the papers.
  • Enter the grades (points only) in Grade Scale (as seen above), which in turn automatically posts in Sakai's Grade Book tool.
  • No paper. Environmentally friendly.
Still want hard copies of student assignments? Still want to get woken up when the student emails you at 3 am and your smartphone ring tone plays the Beach Boys ringtone?

Pepperdine faculty at FacProfDev 2013 may advise you otherwise!