Monday, July 8, 2013

FacProfDev Summer 2013 - Day 10

FacProfDev Summer 2013 - Day 10

by Varun Khanna

Dr. Reyna Garcia-Ramos, Professor of Education
at FacProfDev 2013 Summer Workshop in Malibu, CA
FacProfDev Summer 2013 - Day 10.

After rigorous nine days of going over Pepperdine University's learning management system of choice - Sakai, making presentations more effective, Google docs, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Apps, Powerpoint, Prezi etc, it was time for the faculty-in-attendance to share what they would be taking from the workshop and into their classroom.

Dr. Reyna Garcia-Ramos, Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education & Psychology (GSEP) spoke about how using the power of music in class deeply resonated with her. She is now going to be using music at the beginning and end of her classes to center student energies and get them in the most receptive and responsive frame of mind that promotes deep learning.

Dr. Garcia-Ramos also demonstrated the use of Google forms in taking a quick class poll, in addition, to making her presentations more effective by using free images from

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words  

Professor Lisa Creach teaches finance at Pepperdine University.

What is a bond? Most text books might list some of the following information before proceeding to explain what a bond is.
P0 = Current bond price (at t=0)

Pt = Bond price at time t.

C = Coupon payment

F = Face value. 

C/F = Coupon percentage or rate

After FacProfDev 2013, Professor Creach demonstrated the importance of starting off her lecture by using an image of a US Treasury bond that lists coupon rate, maturity date, bond price, face value etc. Her next step would then be explaining relevant terms followed by the equations and calculations imperative to bond pricing.
A US Treasury bond image (used for demonstration purposes only)

Professor Dan Morrison teaches sociology at Pepperdine University. Many things resonated with Professor Morrison during FacProfDev 2013. High on the list was Gerard Flynn, Senior Director of IT Administration and Client Services talk on engaging the Gen-Z student.
  • Focus on the main point, Keep it front and center.
  • Use powerful stories that are simple, unexpected, and emotionally resonant with students.
Professor Morrison further amplified his point by concluding with a hilarious YouTube video by Father Sarducci and his 5 minute university.
Father Sarducci's 5 Minute University
While FacProfDev 2014 will be held next summer, Pepperdine faculty need not wait for an entire year. You can meet with Pepperdine's Technology and Learning consultants all year round by writing to to set up a one-on-one meeting.

Pepperdine CIO, Jonathan See, Sr. Director of IT Administration & Client Services, Gerard Flynn and Director of Learning and Technology, Alan Regan lead FacProfDev 2013 Summer Workshop series with Pepperdine faculty.