Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Use "Watch" to receive email notifications in Forums

Get Notified! Use "Watch" in Forums

by Alan Regan

You're a professor or a student and you want to receive an email whenever someone contributes to one of your class discussions. How do you do it?  Use the "Watch" feature.

The "Watch" feature is optional and turned off by default. You can access it by clicking the Forums tool and selecting "Watch" in the top menu. Select a desired option and then click "Save."

Please be aware that this feature is site-by-site.  If you want to watch the discussion in multiple class or project sites, you will need to visit each site and save the desired selection.

NOTE: The "Watch" feature is only available on the first screen of the Forums tool.  If you are within a topic or conversation, you can either use the breadcrumb navigation or click the blue reset arrows to return to the first screen.