Friday, March 23, 2012

Workaround: How to copy content from Internet Explorer 9 into the "Source" of the rich text editor

by Alan Regan

How do I paste content into the "Source" of the rich text editor with Internet Explorer 9?

As new browsers keep coming out, they sometimes create problems with existing websites or web-based services. In Courses (powered by Sakai), Internet Explorer has a problem pasting content into the "Source" option of the rich text editor. It simply won't do it! However, there is a workaround.


  1. Open Internet Explorer 9
  2. Go to a site with embed code, such as or
  3. Copy the full or old embed code (the version that contains the OBJECT and EMBED tags, not IFRAME tags)
  4. Log into
  5. Go to your course or project site
  6. Press F12 to turn on the developer tools interface in Internet Explorer
  7. Click Document Mode and switch from Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 9
  8. The page will refresh (you must be logged into Courses when you do this!)
  9. Use a tool with the rich text editor (e.g. create a new message in Forums)
  10. Click "Source" in the right text editor
  11. You can now paste the code into the "Source" field
  12. Click "Source" again and then scroll down to click "Post" or "Update"
NOTE: The F12 trick is not permanent.  You will need to repeat this the next time you log into Courses if you want to paste content into the "Source" feature of the rich text editor.

We hope this information helps!