Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice Breaker: Image Scavenger Hunt

Breaking the Ice

Find an Image that Represents Your View on the Subject

by Alan Regan

There are many ways to "break the ice" in an online or blended class, or even weeks before a face-to-face class begins. As they say, a picture says a thousand words. Why not combine both?

This is an example I created for the Social Entrepreneurship and Change program at GSEP.


  • Introduce yourself and then briefly explain your understanding and vision for social justice philanthropy by searching for an image that you feel represents this for you.
  • Through this exercise, you will connect with one another, become comfortable with using the discussion forum tool, and have fun!


  1. Visit 
  2. Search the creative commons repository for an image that represents your viewpoint on social justice philanthropy. Spend no more than five (5) minutes.
  3. Get the web address for the image and add it to your post.
  4. Write 1-3 sentences explaining how this image represents your viewpoint.
  5. Be sure to cite the image author by linking to the Flickr web address for the picture.
  6. Post your answer!


On Flickr
  • Visit
  • Click "See More" below the "Attribution License" section.
  • Search for your image. Short, simple terms are best.
  • Click the desired search result. 
  • On the right, scroll down. Click the "More Actions" button and then select "Download / All Sizes."
  • Click "Medium" (in most cases -- about 500 pixels wide)
  • Right-click and select "Copy Image Location" (or equivalent to copy the web address to the image)
  • Don't close the web page! You'll need the photographer's name for your citation!
On Courses/Sakai
  • Click "Start a new conversation" in the top tool bar.
  • In the text editor, click the "Image" button in the toolbar (second row, toward the right between the flag and the red "F" circle).
  • Paste the web address to the image in the URL field.
  • Click "OK."
  • Enter your reason for selecting this image. How does it represent your viewpoint on social justice philanthropy? Limit your response to 1-3 sentences.
  • Click "Post."
  • Done!