Monday, April 1, 2013

Browser Spell-Check and the Rich Text Editor

by Alan Regan

Using Browser-Based Spell-Check in the Rich Text Editor

A professor from GSEP wrote me asking why spell-check isn't working in Courses. When I asked for more detail, she explained that she was using the Forums tool and while writing a response to a student she couldn't right-click a misspelled word to pull up the browser's spelling suggestions.  When she right-clicks, other options are appearing (Cut, Copy, Paste) but not the spell-check capabilities.

The central issue is that the rich text editor in Courses (powered by Sakai) will display its contextual menu when you right-click on a misspelled word. There is a very easy workaround to force the rich text editor (CKEditor) to display the browser's contextual menu instead. All you need to do is Control+Right-Click the word.  On a Mac, you'd use either Command+Right-Click or Command+Control+Left-Click to accomplish the same goal.

If you use Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari and need to use the built-in spell-check, this easy workaround will help you spell like a champ.