Friday, January 18, 2013

Converting From Passive to Active Learning

by Hong Kha

Converting From Passive to Active Learning

This week we'll be discussing best practices for converting your lessons for online learning.

The process of converting your classroom activities for online learning should be more thought out than just taking what you do in the classroom and doing it online. Faculty who are new to teaching online often make initial attempts of converting lessons for their new teaching environment by moving an in-classroom discussion to an online discussion forum after giving a reading assignment. Or they opt to create a video lecture of what they would normally deliver to a room full of students and assign a discussion topic after watching the video. While these types of activities can give you an idea of how well your students understand the content, it may not be a process that will help your students retain the information because it isn't engaging enough.

Here are some handouts to help you identify what you're doing now that works well in the classroom and what can be converted for online activities and the tools that can be used to do it.

Database Tech Tools

Flip Teaching 101